Love, It’s All We’ve Got

To love is to feel
To love is to create
To love is to make due
To love is to accept
To love is to forgive
To love is to let go
To love is to mourn
To love is to acknowledge
To love is to ponder
To love is to care
To love is to be happy
To love is to be free
To love is to lose yourself in the best way imaginable
But above all to love is the most
Thing a soul could learn.
Let love engulf you
Let it fill the dull, meaningless moments,
Let it drive you
Let it define you
For love is something truly precious
A higher law
That encompasses every emotion into one
Every experience all stacked up in a high heap reaching towards the light
Love is the only thing that is truly worth it,
Worth fighting for,
Worth sacrificing for
So no matter how fucked up it may be at times
Never give up on love
Because it never will on you
It trails behind you in your wake
So don’t question it
Don’t doubt it
Simply let love do its thing
Let love consume your life
Let it be your only goal
Let it be the motivation when you loose hope
Let it engulf you
And I can’t promise that your heart won’t be chopped up into raw,
Ugly-looking pieces
I can’t promise that you won’t be swept away in a whirlwind of dark-felt emotions,
And thrown aback quite violently I might add,
I can’t promise that all the happiness won’t be sucked out of you,
But I can sure as hell promise you that any amount of shit
You have to go through will be worth it,
Because once you have encountered that unmistakable feeling of love,
Every fucked-up misery you have faced will melt itself away
Because love is truly worth it
It god-damned is
So, love
Love until your heart feels raw and your muscles ache,
Love until you fall to the floor and still then love
Because that’s all we’ve got
And if every human soul accepted that,
The world could actually be

Dedicated to a very special soul: summersurprises and you can find her here: Amazing Blog Here.


One thought on “Love, It’s All We’ve Got

  1. :’) ❤ :') ❤
    Gosh I absolutely loved this! Thank you SO much beautiful, I don't think I could have written a better piece myself. Yes, Love is EVERYTHING. It's worth enduring all the pain, because oh man when you receive it, and experience it, and give it, that feeling is nothing but indescribable! And it's amazing that love is something we can keep on giving, no matter how many amazing people like you turn up in our lives. In no time at all it can multiply into something that cannot be contained, instead giving us a peace of mind and a comfort we may have never known we were capable of experiencing. I know I've already shared this before but reading through your beautiful post, I couldn't help but be reminded by this man's writing.
    And also, someone I haven't shared yet:
    H ❤

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