The Most Beautiful Smile

The most beautiful smile I have ever seen…

Aah… what a sight it was to behold.

Once upon a time, there lived a delicate girl, quite pretty and smart. She had a beautiful gift; the gift of caring, the gift of love, a gift that allowed her to give, and give herself without so much as a second glance. She had the warmest of smiles, all teeth glistening white and polished to perfection, just like her very soul. Some said that she was an angel sent from above; others simply thought she was a beauty to behold… and it was true, she was simply beautiful in all the right ways. She would value others over herself all of the time, and although it was an incredible quality to possess, that same talent would eventually bring great misery her way, although she did nothing to deserve it.

Over time a great sadness gripped the hearts of the people around her and soon the poor girl was surrounded by suffering hearts, blown to dust by the cold and merciless wind. She hated seeing these individuals hurting so much, heads down, shoulders drooping, faces contorted in agony… You see, she was a magnificent soul, holy and pure and she just couldn’t stand people hurting, let alone people who she deeply cared about… And, as everything fell apart around her, she tried, bless her soul; she tried with all her might, sacrificing every bit of her precious time to help those around her. And just when she started to get a solid grip on the situation, just when things started to look a little brighter for everyone, she slowly started to fall behind in her work and the people she had once wanted to save were falling even deeper in the quicksand that had gripped them.

Without knowing it, she had befallen in the same hole that the same lost souls she had wanted to save had been thrown into, and her positive attitude and beautiful soul were progressively starting to falter; this girl was no longer the girl that she used to be and it pained everyone to see her undergo such a depressing transformation. She had lost her flair, her flame; she became more resigned and silent, offering only a nod of her head to someone who was looking at her, not the brilliant smile that she had before. Everyone was worried about her, for she was all they had. In dark times, she was the one who had reminded them what a luxury it was to be yourself, and she had slowly become the only thing that mattered to them and so they began to want more and more of her, fearing that she would one day cease to exist, the goodness inside of her, all dried up.

Little did they know that by this persistence, this wanting for her, they were slowly unraveling her; they were becoming the weight that was holding her delicate self down. At some point, this pretty girl could no longer cope with everything; she fell to the floor, eyes drenched in salty tears, soul deep in pain and agony. And yet no one saw her, no one even offered a second glance. After all of the times she had given all of herself to help others, after all the good deeds and the amazing kindness that she released, all the times that she had offered a helping hand without even thinking to ask anything in return, after all that, no one was there when she most needed it.

That was when I finally decided that enough was enough. I dragged her carefully to the bathroom and there I told her just how special she was to those around her, to me. I spent hours flattering her, for she deserved to be told what a wonderful spirit she was. Somewhere through that hopeful speech, I said something funny, what I do not recall, but it made her laugh… this laugh that had been hidden underneath the unsaid words and broken hopes, had been unearthed and in that moment… I was the happiest soul alive, to be able to have witnessed such a sight. You truly had to be there to have seen those pearls, flashing in her warm smile. You truly had to be there to see how her whole face lit up when she smiled.

I have never believed in a holy grail, in a silver lining, but in that moment I understood, why so many did. And in that moment I didn’t think about the people hurting around me, suffering every day, feeling as if they were lost, I did not think about my own hardships or the fact that I was wasting a lot of my time, here, right now, with this girl that I had come to know as one of my most reliable friends, no, in that moment I felt hope, hope that love truly did exist, and it outweighed all the possible shades of hate and agony that a soul could possibly be exposed to. In that moment, I realized that I had seen the most beautiful smile, one that is only witnessed once in a lifetime.

This girl was one of my very good friends and all of this and what happened is unfortunately true. Thank the heavens, she is now happy, or as happy as she could be after this dreadful period in her life. For anyone out there who is feeling the way my friend felt, well, never stop doubting yourself. You are full of beautiful things and don’t let anyone degrade your demeanor. 🙂

Viki 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Smile

  1. I’m so sorry that I did not see or read this sooner. I genuinely truly am. Because it is SO beautiful. Gosh, it brought tears to my eyes, and if I’m honest that doesn’t happen that often! Firstly, you have an absolutely amazing way of writing; it’s personal, like a conversation that you are having. And yet it has this poetic, magical quality that just transfixes you because you want to know what happens, you want to make sure that this beautiful soul is okay, but you don’t want to rush over the words. And secondly, I am so glad that she is okay, I’m so glad that you were able to make her see her own beauty, something I can see so clearly having not even met her, just simply by reading your beautiful words. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this ❤ ❤ ❤

    • I can not even come to explain how much these words mean to me. For a long time, I have eluded myself with the idea that I could someday be an author, but when my parents burst my bubble and showed me the intensity of life, I started dreading my future. They filled my head with facts and boxed my heart up, so that it wouldn’t influence my career choice. I know that they meant well and that they didn’t want me to experience the hardships of having no income and of struggling to get by, a notion they are all too familiar with. But, they never gave me a choice and that made me feel so hopeless and deflated and I started to genuinely believe that I was no good at writing and that I wouldn’t have even been able to write anything if I tried. But, then summer came and I started writing what I was feeling because really the whole situation of it sucked and it made me think that life sucked and that’s part of the reason why I felt so down. But, reading this now, about my writing, it sends tears to my eyes, and the beautiful kind, the ones that plaster this insanely wide grin on your face and that just make you think of everything that is wonderful in the world. Coming from you, such a strong and bubbly woman, seeping with so much talent and beauty, makes me really realize that I do have talent, maybe not enough talent or experience to write a whole novel, but at least I know now that the hope and dreamy radiance that came with imagining a future for myself is little by little starting to return. I know that I still have no idea what the future beholds and what the world will throw at me, but at least I’m not hopelessly lost in a void dreary offices and depressing desks that I really don’t want to sit on.
      As for the apology, I do not except it. How can I, after such a beautiful comment. I don’t care in the slightest if it takes you a year to comment on one of my posts as long as you feel like commenting, that alone sends waves of happiness down my whole body and fills me up with enough energy to face the most demanding of days. I often revisit all of your amazing comments when I feel a little off and need some encouragement and they give me so much hope and joy that I wonder how I could have felt so lonely only a few weeks ago. Having you say you are sorry is the stupidest thing in the world and I shall not have it. It is not your obligation to write on my blog and to comment or even to respond to my comments and the fact that you do, fills my heart up when I thought it to have been already full.
      Thank YOU for everything and if I hear another sorry from you, I swear I will fly all the way to England, hunt you down, and give you a well-deserved smack on the face. 😉
      Viki ❤

      • Oh gosh! I was in the middle of reading the ending of A Tale of Two Cities and already on the verge of crying and then your amazing and beautiful words come along and I turn into a blubbering idiot. And then I see the last sentence and burst out laughing and the tears of sadness and emotion mingle with the tears of laughter and joy and it’s all messy and amazing all at the same time 🙂 Never, ever, EVER stop believing in your potential. It’s something we say to everyone, because everyone has it in them. But you my beautiful friend, you have oceans of it. I have always believed with SO much certainty that no matter what, there is one book inside everyone. I have no idea if it’s a quote, or something I just randomly heard somewhere, and to be honest it doesn’t matter in the slightest. There IS one book inside everyone. It’s itching to be written and shown to the world but sometimes we ignore it and think our stories aren’t worth being heard. But they are, they so are it’s ridiculous. There are currently millions of people out there who want to hear what YOU have to say Viki, who can relate to the human being that you are, to the things you have done, the things you have learnt, and the amazing characters and adventures that they no doubt would lead to. I am so glad that your hopes are rekindling the fire within you. Follow your dreams, hold on to them and never let go. Because you’re so right; that 9-5 office job just isn’t an option worth contemplating.
        If you want to write then first you have to read. A lot. A whoooooole lot. Anything and everything. All the classics, the popular ones, the ones you’ve never really been that interested in, the ones you love. As you do it you’ll learn so much without even realising it. You’ll learn the writing styles and techniques you like, and the ones you don’t think works or think you would like to stay away from. As you do this you equip yourself with tools you won’t even realise you’ll need honestly. And as you read, you’ve got to write too. Because then your tools will help you dig out the most important thing; your voice! We’ve all got our own writing styles and we have to discover it and grow comfortable with it and feel at ease and confident at using it. That’s why blogging is such an amazing thing, because it honestly helps you find that voice.
        You keep writing, no matter what, you just keep doing it. There’s a book in you. A book. A novel. An absolutely epic tale. It’s there for sure ❤ And then when you become big and famous make sure you give me a call so I can piggy back onto your success and finally marry Dan Smith from Bastille 🙂
        And last but not least; I'm almost tempted to apologise once more, just because that might mean I'd actually get to meet you 😉 But who knows, perhaps that day will come too!
        H ❤

      • Thank you… Thank you for being there on the other end. Thank you for being my friend and thank you for believing in me when all odds pointed to the other direction. With all the people around me right now, not one compares to your love and genuine love, ha, it’s the hardest thing to find in the world. You are my light and I’ve lost count of how many sappy moments I’ve had reading your beautiful comments, this one being the best and most uncontrollable… I can’t remember the last time someone told me something so beautiful and cared about me as strongly as you do. Everyone only cares about what this sounds like and what impression they will pass off and what people think, and… ugh, I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF PEOPLE ONLY CARING ABOUT THEMSELVES! I used to hate myself for that and thought that no one would ever love me the way I loved them back. But, with every single comment, you disprove that and you make me so darn happy, that giddy excitement that makes you jump up and down and then weep for no reason, but the fact that it feels right. And I AM weeping, weeping like I have never wept before because I know that someone in the world loves me, truly me, not judged by anything, but the simple fact that I am me. Thank you so much for that last paragraph… it’s the best gift anyone could ever grant me and no matter what a shitty day I’ve been having, I will look at those words for the rest of my days and weep, a simple and fulfilling weep.
        I’ve never had anyone believe in me the way you do, with that certainty that resonates off every word. I can’t even describe how good it feels to have someone tell you that your dreams are worth it, that you will make it, not can, WILL. To tell me that I will find success makes me want to rip up my curtains and leave to find everything that I have been waiting for my whole existence: someone that will give me strength and love and hope and dreams that can lift me up and take me anywhere: and You, my dear, my beautiful dear, are that person!
        Starting today I will start saving up, pinching pennies (and small lint balls if they will help :)), to afford to buy a ticket to London and I will see you. I know that it sounds totally impossible for me to do that, to just pack up and leave for a person I have never met, but I know that I will do it with the same certainty that you knew I would succeed. I will go through every obstacle to try to meet you because you are worth it and you have given so much although I have never really seen you. You light me in a way that I could never have hoped to be lit and I can’t believe you exist.
        Oh, and 1 more thing, if, no WHEN I publish my first book and WHEN I become “big and famous”, the first think that I will do, before I take a shower or brush my hair or even brush my teeth, I will notify Dan Smith. Smelly, oily and tired, I will knock on his door and I will tell him all about you, and I know that with every single word he will fall in love with as I have. But, know that a man is not the answer to love. You say you yearn for love and yet you have so much to give and so much around you to receive.
        Forever happy,
        Viki ❤

      • Reading through the first part of your comment and I am unbelievably happy it’s ridiculous. There are so many things that I want to do with my life, so many moments that I have been desperate to leave everything and just go. Hitchike, backpack, travel authentically, wanderlust. I think about it every single day, that unsatiable desire that literally bursts out of me. It’s the dream that I’m striving for, and I am desperately searching for ways in which I can make it come true, to battle down those natural fears that crop up, and just take the leap. Reading your comment and seeing you say that I have managed to play a role in helping you also take that leap, it brings me so much happiness, so much crazy joy and gratitude and painfully strong feelings of love and connections it really does feel like it hurts. Because you deserve all the happiness in the world, and for every single one of your dreams to come true, and for the whole world to see your success. Every single connection and positive influence in my life is something I treasure in ridiculous amounts, every friendship, every single person. And each and every single day I am treasuring you so much more, I marvel at how our connection was made, and I thank the universe for sending you my way.
        And then, reading the next part of your comment, I was in genuine shock. I have never known anyone who would want to do that for me, who would save up their money and want to come and see me. It is a paralysing shock and my heart swells a hundred times once more as I think of how lucky I am. And it has fast become a goal that I am now determined to make true, because it is absolutely crazy that two people who have never known each other beyond a computer screen could be so sure that they not only want to meet, but I feel are destined to. But it is the crazy things that make this life so absolutely wonderful! So let’s save, and I honestly cannot wait until that day comes! Thinking about it though I actually have no idea where you live! Perhaps we can meet halfway 🙂
        Aah! :’) Gosh how amazing and beautiful you are! I’ll have to be wary that Dan Smith doesn’t fall in love with you instead ha! Because he’d be crazy not too 🙂 And thank you so much beautiful, because you are so right. It’s something I was thinking about so much today, and something I’m about to post about too ❤
        Lots of neverending love, H 😀 ❤

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