Creating Something

-Note by Viki-

I have recently been motivated to write and have realized that it’s OK to not be able to write this long and simply marvelous piece as long as I enjoy writing and I do. I love getting lost in my words and most recently my characters. This is the first piece that I write that has dialogue and so much as people in it. 🙂 I’m not quite used to writing about other people that are born entirely in MY mind and not people that surround me. I hope it meets your expectations. 🙂

Here goes:

A Day with Rudolph the Reindeer


“Can we go now?! Can we go now!?” Teddy shouted reminding me of the big commitment I had made and making me regret it just a little bit more than I already did. Today was a big day, and Teddy certainly did fail to contain his excitement by jumping up and down on the stairs and by dragging me to the door. “The sooner we get there, the sooner I get to meet Rudolph. LET’S GO!” Today was a day that is all so necessary in a young kid’s life and marks the first sign of maturity because today, kudos to the nonstop whining by my determined Teddy, we are going to see the legendary Rudolph.

The mall is packed when we get there and we have to fight to obtain a place in the oversized, sake-like line with mostly large hip bumps and a lot of mildly genuine apologies. By the looks of it, this was going to be a long wait and certainly not a pleasant one. But, weren’t all waits unpleasant? The anticipation and sometimes the pure boredom can certainly get to a person. I know it’s starting to get to me right now. But then again, wasn’t the wait worth it when I got to see Teddy’s face light up full of wonder as he got to behold the magnificent Rudolph, which was in reality most likely just a very desperate person who needs some cash due to his possible dropping-out-of-high-school problem and will go to any length to get some, even if that includes an oversized Rudolph one-sie with a flashing nose and ears.

By the time we near Rudolf, all of the granola energy bars I have brought with me have disappeared and Teddy is becoming very impatient. Yes, it was true that waiting was a miserable thing to spend the day doing and we were all tired and exhausted, but Teddy handled it the worst, he being the emotional kid he was. He is stomping his foot angrily and asking with impatient eyes:

“When do we get to see Rudolph; he has to go back to Santa soon and I want to at least talk to him before he leaves. He’s on a very tight schedule, you know, “, followed by a detailed description of Rudolph’s busy schedule and his devotion to help needy kids around the world. After so much waiting, I actually started to believe the words flowing out of Teddy’s mouth and up to that point, I know I am losing it, that much I could reason and I have to get out of here as soon as possible. So, I do the only thing a mother would do in these types of situations. I look in my bag and to my joy the water bottle I had brought still has a reasonable amount of liquid. I take the bottle and careful to hide it with my body so that others can’t see, I drop it all over the floor. Next, I grab my purse and roughly stuff it up my shirt, positioning it so that it covers my belly. Then, I shriek:

“Help! Help me! My water broke! Someone, call my husband, I need to get to the hospital… NOW!” I wobble over to Rudolph and start begging him to talk to Teddy, explaining that we had been waiting in line for a long time and apparently Rudolph’s weakness is women in distress, panting and in labor because he nods quickly and lifts Teddy on his lap. Yes! I want to scream of joyance when the meeting is over and by the look on Teddy’s face, I know that this will be a day he will certainly remember; I am glad and overflowing with joy.

And then, I hear sirens blaring and I know that the mall police have come to escort me to the hospital. Unless the nurses wanted to help me push out a purse, than it was time to go. I grab Teddy and we make a beeline for the exit, careful to dodge any police. We run to the car and I start it up. Just like that, we are out of there and cruising down Highway 18 when through the silence in the car, Teddy asks me with a genuinely worried expression:

“Mommy, is there any more water, or did all the water break back at the mall because I’m thirsty.” He then continues to complain: “Police officers are NOT nice. All they do is chase you around. Someone should tell them that they should be happier and more fun. At least I got to speak to Rudolph…” After a moment’s hesitation he asked: “Can you promise me something, mommy? Never break the water again, ok?” and I’m not sure if he is referring to the fact that we were chased by police officers or that I have no water to give him, but I still answer reassuringly: “I promise”.



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