Trying to live my life the way I want to

Hello esteemed humans,

I have returned to planet Earth for only a few hours, so I have to make this short in case I don`t have time to finish my little thought. Anyway, so I was sitting on my desk in front of my laptop and then this strange, fleeting thought consumed me for about a millisecond about how I like, HAVEN`T POSTED SOMETHING IN FIVE MILLION DECADES. I thought about it for a long time and mulled it over in my head until I came to the amazing solution of POSTING SOMETHING ON MY BLOG; would you believe it, I am JUST TOO smart for my intellectual body to handle :).

Well, I was thinking about how people always expect so much from other people and sometimes they don`t notice it, but it can really get in someone`s way of being themselves. The other day, I was talking to a friend and she was talking about how she had made out with her boyfriend and that I wasn’t normal not having one and that I should get on that as soon as possible… ughum, um, *cough, cough* THANKS FOR THE ADVICE BUT, uh, NO THANKS! I am just so angry, but not necessarily at her; I am mad at a bigger, more unanimous force: expectations. I hate expectations and how they have molded themselves into our daily lives, forcing us to deploy their little missiles and all the while trying to deflect others sent at us, simultaneously. These little venomous creatures weave their way into our hearts and make us feel as if we don’t have what it takes. Make us feel as if we aren’t good enough and that we need fixing. But, who are they to say what is normal or not, who are they to decree themselves as “normal” and who are they to even make us believe that a “normal” should exist.

To everyone out there who is feeling left out or like they don’t belong… Here’s a shred of news for you, NO ONE is normal because everyone is different. Not one person on the whole entire planet has everything in common with you; not one. Every single human being is different, so how can a generalized stereotype be diffused when no more than one person will conform exactly to the precise standards? And why, more surprising yet, is everyone accepting this “normality”?

Be who you are, accept the person you have become and never let anyone tell you what makes you, you.

To all you lucky dreamers out there,

Never stop believing because if you wish hard enough, you will fly over the moon with sparkling, shimmering wings and a magical unicorn cow because why not? 🙂

Viki 😉


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