Have you ever felt unimportant? I know what you must be thinking, silly question, is it not? Of course everyone has, at one fleeting moment in their life, felt the sheer nothingness of unimportance. Well, how do we come to experience such a morose feeling? Indeed, we do not realise it, but the imperfect structure of our society creates an encompassing bubble in which it releases all of its toxic fumes and polluted waters, leaking straight into the rivers of our minds. We let these waters mix with the existing ones, and somehow we shrink, we retreat in those waters, seeking refuge, until we realise we have become tiny, delicate fish, fighting against the seemingly powerful current. We are overpowered by its vicious whispers, its raking claws and the multitudes of thoughts around us, so that we, ourselves, become a part of this current, somehow carried by its silky lies, becoming unimportant.

These days, with the amount of people populating this humongous piece of rock that we call home, it is easy to be carried into the current of popularity and gossip. We somehow feel obligated to follow everything in the news, online, and thus, rendering us small, and powerless compared to these colossal giants in front of us. And, feeling this enveloping veil of unimportance, many simply lose joy in what they love to do, the meaning slowly washed out of everyday life.

Well, I’m here to ring the bells loud and clear and open your eyes to the phonies that surround us. Phonies I call them, yet they did not claim to be the giants we perceive them as. In fact, our perception is key to understanding the mystery behind unimportance. Our fear mixes with the gossip and standards, so, instead of feeling inadequate or different, we conceive this blanket of unimportance out of shear self-preservation, wrap it around our ignorant minds, and keep ticking the time away. However, it is only a matter of time before we all explode. We need to stop feeding this giant corporate monster that inhabits us and people all around us, and start believing in those kind souls that surround us, start living for the everyday miracles that we are graced with. Focusing on your world is the first step to being happy, believe me when I say that I have passed through that momentary doubt of importance myself. I come back now, wiser yet none the braver.

In fact, brave people don’t exist. Simply people who are tired of letting fear steer their lives in the wrong direction, so for just a tiny second they let go of it and find out that they can soar so much higher than they could ever see. So, if you ever need a boost of confidence, look not to the world, or the person sitting next to you, but to yourself. Think of all the beautiful things YOU and only you can create, or the way YOU and only you can explode on stage. Every human was put on this Earth for a purpose, that of being true to themselves. So when you think you are unimportant, ring those bells and stay true to yourself.

I leave you on that good thought, and apologize for not posting sooner. Too many endeavors can sweep a person up in her mundane, daily livelihood. I am back, however, for how long I cannot tell.

– Viki