Quebec, Canada

Bio: Dear people of the universe, I am me. It's so simple, yet so crucial to acknowledged the fact that you are yourself and that you are unique, there is no one else in the whole universe like you. Embrace that, love that and live with that for once you finally accept it, your life will get really better, because life is just a relative saying and can be changed and molded. It is not life that brings you miseries, but rather you who decide to view them as miseries. So, embrace the fact that you are special and feel free to do so on my blog. I am a girl from Quebec and I am currently in the process of loving people, yes real people, you should give it a try ;). I love books, and lately I have started to write, so I am going to see where that takes me. I have been feeling somewhat down, but already with this blog and these amazing people that surround me I feel like a firework waiting to burst. I love politics and am very enthusiastic about changing the world, but the world seems kind of fragmented at the moment, (trying to work on it), but it just seems to amount to nothing. But, don't despair, someone once told me that if you change one soul for the better, make one life more bearable, then your life has been worth it. I guess I am on my way to do that. Sending a lot of love and joy and lollipops, and adorable gnomes your way, With Love and Hope, Viki

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  1. Hello Viki. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the compliment you left for my poem “Devour”. And I do hope your weekend is lovely. – ax

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